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  • Image of Custom Work
  • Image of Custom Work
  • Image of Custom Work

Custom designs begin at a minimum of $320
This includes:
Choice of enclosure type/style
Custom artwork
Large selection of knobs
Large selection of finishes
Layout options (jacks, LEDS, pots, switches)
Research & Development
Midnight shirt in your size (depending on availability)

Two-in-one Pedals are $400
including all custom options

Delays, Reverbs, Phasers and Chorus begin at $450
includes all custom options

I am happy to build anything and everything! The Standard Custom is the base-price. If the circuit becomes time consuming or finishing options chosen are more expensive, the price will increase.

*Build time is between 1-5 weeks*

All other enquiries can be handled via the contact form as I am happy to answer any questions.

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